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39. Let’s talk about hormones! They play a HUGE role in our daily health. My guest, Linn Rivers shares her expertise with us.

123 Momsquad
123 Momsquad
39. Let's talk about hormones! They play a HUGE role in our daily health. My guest, Linn Rivers shares her expertise with us.

If you think you may be struggling with your hormones, then this you will want to listen to this episode! My incredible guest shares her knowledge on the important role hormones play in our everyday life.

About my guest: Linn Rivers

Linn Rivers is a world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner. While she has an amazing educational background, it is her journey that has made her one of the most successful healers in the world. Finding someone who has the educational piece is easy, but finding someone who has walked a very difficult journey, navigated it, learned from it, and is now sharing it so others may overcome seemingly insurmountable situations, is difficult to find. Linn Rivers is a born Psychic/Intuitive who was working on acupuncture points far before she knew what acupuncture was and was talking about the 4th dimension before ever hearing anything about it.

Linn is a graduate of the renowned, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her journey with holistic medicine and spiritual counseling however, started way before this time. Linn’s educational background includes; Holistic/Functional Medicine, Spiritual Counseling, Eastern and Western Massage Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching, Death Doula, Hypnosis, Human Design Analysis, and she is also a Film Director, Producer, and Writer. It was her own journey that led her to all of these practices.
Linn is able to connect with people on a wide range of traumatic events that she herself has overcome, such as: death of loved ones, abandonment, neglect, sexuality, growing up with an alcoholic, relationship trauma, career challenges, lack of direction, feelings of hopelessness, gender identity, anger and fear, addiction, illness, and near death experiences.
Connect with Linn 
here: Riverwellness.net 
LinkedIn: Linn Rivers

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