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36. Let’s talk about being “PRESENT”. Taking care of your mental health, RIP, Twitch.

123 Momsquad
123 Momsquad
36. Let's talk about being "PRESENT". Taking care of your mental health, RIP, Twitch.

This is the crazy time of year! Where we run around trying to make the holidays magical for everyone, meanwhile you’re running yourself to the ground. Let’s talk about important it is to be “present.” How can we really enjoy these special times and take care of each other?
What memories do you hold tight in your heart? I share one of my favorite Christmas memories. I would do anything to have one more Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house. If only I knew then how precious each and every year was. Don’t take any moment for granted.
Stop, and take a minute to appreciate what you’ve created for your family.

You are a ROCKSTAR!!

To all of Twitch’s family & friends, may you celebrate his life and what he brought to the dance community. You will be missed Sir Twitch alot. Sending prayers to your family. XO

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