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35. What is M.A.T – let’s learn about a new way to “stretch”- I speak with Yogi Aaron on how we can help our body move without pain!

123 Momsquad
123 Momsquad
35. What is M.A.T - let's learn about a new way to "stretch"- I speak with Yogi Aaron on how we can help our body move without pain!

I know you will find this show very interesting.
I speak with my guest about a new technique called M.A.T. (Muscle activation technique) I was super intrigued to know more!

About my guest:

One of the most sought-after teachers today, Yogi Aaron is trailblazing a new path in the world of yoga. Known for his unorthodox perspectives on stretching and flexibility and how both cause more harm than good, his teachings aim to help as many people as possible live a pain-free life so they can realize yoga’s true intentions. 

He is the creator of the revolutionary approach to yoga — Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) and the online platform: The Yogi Club, host of the yoga podcast ‘Stop Stretching’, author of ‘Autobiography of a Naked Yogi’ and the forth-coming book ‘Stop Stretching! A New Yogic Approach To Master Your Body + Live Pain-Free’, and is the Co-Owner of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica where he leads The Yogi Club Yoga Teacher Training Immersions year-round for students from all across the globe.

Yogi Aaron’s sense of humor, contagious laugh, courageous and adventurous spirit, and his own healing journey of overcoming pain and discovering and living his true life’s purpose makes him a stand-out and favored leading yoga teacher today.

Resources for you!

Here is a freebie to a pain-free series:  – http://smpl.ro/pain-free

Get Yogi Aaron’s book- “Stop Stretching”-
YouTube video- Strengthen your back muscles
Yogi Aarons YouTube channel
Main Website
You can also learn more on his Podcast! Stop Stretching!

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