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Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

30. WARNING!! The truth about your future, from me! I get real with ya! A bit different from previous shows. What does the future mean to you? You don’t want to miss this!

Having a creative brain can be both a blessing and a curse. I get ideas ALL day long, no matter if I’m awake or not, or wet or dry.  : )   

(you’ll have to listen to see what I mean by that) LOL .  This show was created on my voice app on my iPhone so I hope the quality is okay for you.  You never know when the inspiration will hit. 

How do I stay positive? Good question-I listen to ALOT of motivational podcasts, audible books, YouTube videos and do ALOT of inner work on myself. It takes, time, patience, focus and consistency! 

This episode is a bit different from all the others. I get personal and up close on how I feel about moving forward. Moving through traumas and getting unstuck. 

Are you ready?

I think this might be a good episode to SHARE with your friends that may need a little extra nudge. If you are feeling blah and like your life isn’t going anywhere then this is a great one to listen to! 

I hope you enjoy it! I would love to know your thoughts. 


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Love ya! XO

Jennie Lynn

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