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Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

23. An incredible story of how a spiritual awakening brought my guest down a healing path to a new life. Now she helps others gain clarity and focus, search for truth, and arrive at wholeness.

My guest shares her incredible journey filled with injury, a horrific car accident, possible spinal surgery and traveling the world.

Elisabeth Lava is the author of “Stillness and Wilderness: A Bold Ride from Despair to Deep Wisdom and Love”.

“The Healer of Healers”, Elisabeth is a thought leader on the intertwining of mental health and spiritual growth. She became an expert during her regional leadership of a large federal mental health grant and simultaneously experiencing deep depression from loss that sparked a spiritual emergency. She then studied with experts on the psychology of awakening, and spiritual emergence/emergency. She is a former deadly disease investigator, community health leader, and veterinarian, who helped prepare for and respond to the pandemic. Elisabeth was pushed into spiritually transformative experiences that led her to powerful healers, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Ayurveda and spiritual practices of deep wisdom. Now Elisabeth bridges the world as a transformational health, life, and spiritual emergence coach®. Healthcare providers, veterinarians, and conscious leaders hire her to support them to return to wholeness through deep selfcare or transition to a different career to find inner joy and peace.

I know you will find this episode inspiring and uplifting. 

You can listen to the trailer of her book here: Youtube

Here are Elisabeth’s contact information: Email: beetrueyou@outlook.com

WEBSITE: www.elisabethlava.com

Facebook: Stillness and Wilderness


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