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Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

13. Talking with Jen Fiore- Wellness Coach, Gluten-free expert, mom and Author

In this episode I spoke with the incredible Jen Fiore. She is a mama of 3 and wears many “hats.” Her bubbly personality just made me smile throughout the entire conversation. She talks all things gluten-free and how she struggled since she was 8 years old with all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms. Just like the rest of us, she spent many years being passed through the conventional medicine system, just to find herself continuing to struggle. Listen to find out the rest of her journey and how she became aware that she had Celiac disease all along.

She is now gluten-free and are her 3 adult children and loves exploring new recipes. Check out her YouTube channel to see some awesome videos of Jen in her kitchen whipping up some yummy yums!  : )

Jen’s Website: jenfiore.com

Jen’s YouTube channel- Gluten Free and Me

Jen’s Facebook Profile- @jen_fiore_dolifeinspired

Instagram : @jen_fiore_dolifeinspired and @glutenfreesince03

Thank you so, much for joining me! I appreciate you! 

xoxo Jennie Lynn

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