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Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

Wellness Beyond Medications: Andrea’s Functional Medicine Journey

Wellness is not just treating the symptoms but also addressing root causes. 

As a functional medicine specialist, Andrea has not only transformed her health, but also guided countless others on their path to well-being. 

Join me as we learn from Andrea’s insights, experience, and invaluable tips for achieving mental health and wellness beyond medications.

Discovering Functional Medicine


Andrea’s story begins with the realization that despite her youth, she was battling overwhelming symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. 

Traditional medical approaches fell short in addressing the root causes of her struggles. It was through her own journey of self-discovery that Andrea stumbled upon functional medicine—a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. This personalized approach tailors treatment plans to individual needs, complemented by embracing healthy lifestyle practices like nutrition, exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep.

Functional medicine became Andrea’s guiding light, allowing her to dig deep into the underlying factors contributing to her symptoms. By combining her pharmaceutical expertise with a holistic understanding of nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle factors, Andrea’s life transformed. Here’s what we can learn from this transformation:

✅ The Impact of Stress: She emphasizes the importance of simplifying daily routines and incorporating mindfulness practices, such as meditation and spending time outdoors, to counteract the pervasive pressures and negativity in today’s world.

✅ Forgiveness and Gratitude: By starting each day with a sense of gratitude for life’s blessings and forgiving oneself for inevitable mistakes, she found greater peace and resilience.

✅ Mindful Nutrition: Andrea learned that traditional health advice and intense workouts weren’t helping her symptoms. Instead, she kept it real with a balanced approach. Think whole foods, staying hydrated, and opting for gentle movement. It’s about nourishing your body without the overwhelm.

✅ Self-Care Practices: Do little acts of kindness to yourself throughout the day. Whether it’s setting a reminder to hydrate, sneak in a quick stretch, or just taking a breather to chill out, she’s all for nurturing yourself amidst the chaos.

Parenting with ADHD


Since Dr. Bustamonte has ADHD, it takes a lot of intentionality to sit there and listen to her son but she genuinely finds joy in spending quality time with him. They go hiking, have heart-to-heart talks, or simply being present, these moments strengthen their bond and mutual understanding even if it’s challenging. Her trick of taking notes during chats helps her stay focused and truly engage with her son.

Introducing new foods and experiences early on can spark curiosity and flexibility in children. Her son’s adventurous palate is proof that openness starts at the dinner table, showing the value of trying new things together.

Parenting a teenager isn’t always smooth sailing, especially when they’re finding their own identity. She believes in embracing their journey while staying supportive. Recognizing their changing interests and respecting their growth is all part of the adventure.

It reminds us to embrace their journey while keeping the lines of communication open.

Advocacy and Awareness


The digital offers an ocean of health info, but Dr. Bustamonte reminds us to approach it with critical thinking. Checking sources and finding reliable information is like using compasses to make smart decisions.

Taking charge of our health journey is like having a superpower. Dr. Bustamonte encourages us to be aware of ourselves and speak up for our needs, teaching us that understanding our bodies is important when working with healthcare professionals.

As the founder of MindBody Balance Clinic, Dr. Bustamonte has helped numerous women and men achieve transformation by reducing overwhelm and anxiety, balancing mood, boosting energy and focus, and enhancing nutrition. It isn’t just a clinic; it’s a caring space that provides the help needed to deal with tough times.

True wellness lies not just in medications, but also in the mindful cultivation of a balanced and nourishing lifestyle. Listen to the full podcast episode here.

Want to connect with Andrea?

Instagram: mindbodybalanceclinic

Website: www.mindbodybalanceclinic.healthcare

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