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Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

Let’s talk about Lupus. Check my latest podcast here

About Jennifer

Jennifer is thrilled to see her lifelong dreams come to fruition! She initiated a podcast, ventured into entrepreneurship, and successfully published her children’s books.

ABOUT Jennifer

Meet Jennifer, a successful entrepreneur,

writer and chronic illness warrior!

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus is the proud mother of two kids, a wife, and a chronic illness warrior. As the Founder of the 123 Momsquad Podcast, she is also a dynamic Entrepreneur and Mom Coach. With the publishing of her first children’s book in 2022, Jennifer has now also fulfilled her dream of becoming an author.

For over 20 years, Jennifer suffered from several chronic illnesses. After many surgeries and hospital visits, and suffering from endless chronic fatigue and pain, Jennifer realized that she’d been struggling for way too long, and decided to take no more.

From that moment, Jennifer stopped letting her chronic illnesses define her, learned to manage her symptoms and, most importantly, to love her life again! One of her main passions is helping others. Through her work, she seeks to support all the moms out there who are suffering from chronic illness and chronic pain. Jennifer sees herself as a brand that inspires women everywhere to lean into the power of positivity and togetherness. It is her goal to promote the impact of lifting one another up-even on the worst of days!

Passionate about her work, Jennifer credits her success to dedication, drive, and perseverance.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

It’s a beautiful day to go after your dreams


“Her soul is fierce. Her heart is brave. Her mind is strong” R. H. Sin



Jennifer is so excited about her published children’s books

Jennifer’s love for creativity started early on.  When she wasn’t dancing, she loved to create anything and everything – drawing, sewing, coloring, and writing poems kept her busy.

She joined her family business after high school and worked alongside her father for over a decade.  After having her second child, Jennifer decided to leave the family business in order to love and care for her growing family.  Her children learned quickly that their mom enjoyed coloring and creating; just as they did. They also took note of two certain characters which appeared again and again. These two characters, who were with Jennifer since she was a child, were left everywhere she went (they appeared on notepads, every birthday and Christmas card, napkins at restaurants, and anywhere else Jennifer could place them!).

The first character was created on her classroom chalkboard while waiting for her bus to be called. She couldn’t wait to get home to draw him again. The following year, the second character came to life. Then and there she knew these characters were special. They became her life’s brand. 

It was always a dream of Jennifer’s to have them in a Children’s book, but the timing was never right.  It wasn’t until the pandemic that Jennifer had the opportunity to fulfill her dreams.